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This page last updated
Wed 23rd November 2011

Broadband Internet Access

Broadband is now available in the village up to 3.5mbs data speed.

A number of people have already connected to this service and the internet is now fast and easy to access.

You will need to contact a broadband service provider.

This link is to a very reliable supplier that is not the cheapest, but provides good service.

  • Broadband uses your existing phone line and works alongside your telephone, so you do not need a second line, and you can use your phone and the internet at the same time.

    Costs vary from about 15.00 to 30.00 per month depending on how fast you want the connection.

    You cannot use NTL or any of the Cable Television companies as they have no cables in the village.

    Superfast Broadband

    There has been some recent government press regarding the funding of superfast broadband particularly in rural areas.

    The current technology uses simple connections within the green cabinets that are in every village and are currently connected to the local exchange by copper cables.

    The new technology is to replace the copper cables back to the exchange with a fibre optic link and install new equipment in the green cabinet.

    This is designated as FTTC, Fibre to the cabinet.

    The potential increase in speed is from about 3.5mb to 20mb.

    The cost and time in laying the new fibre optic cable is a deciding factor in BT agreeing to do this for small communities. The government funding is designed to bridge the gap between the uneconomic installations and the demand for faster conections.

    This is where local community involvement may help.

    The Parish Council is actively involved in pursuing any available funding to speed this process up.

    Internet Access

    There is now wireless broadband internet access in the village hall.

    The youth Forum have wireless enabled laptop computers that will access this facility

    If you live in the village and have access to a wireless enabled laptop that you wish to use in the village hall, the security code to use the village internet access is available from .

    The internet connection is funded by the Parish Council.