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Warmington Green

There are some useful links here to maps and plans of the village green in Warmington.

  • Large Scale Green Plan
  • Original Green Plan
  • Any property around Warmington Green that has a parking area on adjacent private land is deemed to have the right to drive across the green to access the parking area. This access can be formalised by application to the Parish Council for a written easement.

    This can be an important document when a house is sold as it proves entitlement to the right of access.

    Contact the Parish Council in writing for further details.

    Use of the Village Green is under the watchful eye of the Parish Council.

    All requests for any use of the Green including building work on adjacent properties that impacts on the Green, or temporary parking for an event must be approved in writing before it occurs by application to the Parish Council.

    Warmington Pond

    The pond is a focal point of the green and the village.

    Now home to three white ducks who spend most of their day wandering around the green.

    It is a diverse ecosystem that supports a wide variety of small aquatic insects and animals.